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At The Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc., we believe in creating a world where a prior substance use disorder is not a barrier to professional success.

Our Mission

The Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc. strives to transform the stigma around substance use disorder into informed action for the sake of creating a more inclusive and productive workplace. To do this, the Foundation works to equip employers and employees with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary for success.

Break the stereotypes of the disease of addiction which reinforce the stigma that perpetuates it.

Provide individualized no cost post rehab support services that insurance does not cover and which promote securing and maintaining employment.

Educate organizations on culturally competent ways to attract, engage and develop employees in recovery and on the business case for hiring them.

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At The Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc., we believe in data-driven information to support recovery and reentry into the workplace. For this reason, The Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc. is excited to announce its support of research conducted at The University of New Mexico's Center on Alcohol Substance Use and Addiction...

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Crystal meth use, a longtime and still prevalent health concern in the LGBTQ community, started to become an issue in the late 1990s when gay and bisexual men in New York began using the drug as an aphrodisiac. A stimulant which releases dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, Meth is a powerful, ...

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