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Who We Are

The Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established by labor and employment attorney, Kevin Hyer, and his family for the purpose of reducing the stigma of the disease of addiction in the workplace and give men and women in recovery a second chance at a career. Our philosophy is rooted in education, understanding, and community support for those we serve. We are continually working towards a world in which a prior substance use disorder is not a barrier to personal and professional success.

What We Do

At The Hyer Calling Foundation, Inc., we believe in a three-pronged approach to achieving our mission and vision. The Foundation offers no cost individualized post rehab support services that insurance does not cover and which promotes securing and maintaining employment. At the same time, the Foundation works to break the stereotypes of the disease of addiction that reinforce the stigma that perpetuate it. Our portfolio of services includes job placement, resume review, interview preparation, career counseling and coaching through ICF credentialed coaches, cash grants to acquire marketable skills, recovery friendly networking events, reference advocacy, mentorship programs, internships/externships and much more. Additionally, the Foundation offers cultural competence training and certification to organizations on best practices in attracting, engaging and developing employees in recovery and on the business case for hiring them.

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The Amy Dietz
Memorial Labor & HR Grant

The Amy Dietz MemorialLabor & HR Grant is awarded on a rolling basis to eligible Foundation clients seeking to acquire skills training in their respective fields. The Grant is named after the late Amy Dietz, a Penn State School of Labor & HR instructor who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in 2018 after decades of service to the School and Penn State Communities. Amy believed passionately in the value of a fulfilling, rewarding career, and the Foundation is proud that part of her amazing legacy is helping our clients rebuild their lives in addiction recovery. If you are interested in applying for this grant, please email grants@hyercalling.org